Industrial Electroplating | D&H Plating

Electroplating is both an art and a science. Although based on several technologies and sciences, including chemistry, physics, chemical and electrical engineering,
metallurgy, and perhaps others, it retains in some ways the aspects of an art, in which experience is the only teacher.

In fact, of course, all the sciences have elements of art which can be learned only by experience; all the reading of textbooks on chemistry will not produce a chemist. 
No text on electroplating will produce an expert electroplater; there is no substitute for experience and what is somewhat inelegantly termed know-how.

D&H Plating offers Electroplating Services for the following industries:

• Construction Industry

• Mining Industry

• Engineering Industry

The purposes of electroplating:

• Appearance

• Protection

• Special surface properties

• Engineering or mechanical properties.